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Little Snooze App

Helping you and your Little maintain a healthy sleep pattern.


Begin Growing

Natural Sleep Habits


Little Snooze is a Free White Noise App created by Lily & River for Littles and Bigs. The app is produced by Helping A Little and is now available for Apple devices.

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Personalize Your

Sleep Setting

Use calming white noise sounds designed to support quality sleep. Personalize your sleep setting by blending one or more white noises.


Science of the

Visual Lullaby

Start integrating a visual lullaby before sleep or to calm the mood. Find soothing meditations proven to benefit deep sleep.

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Dim the Lights and

Try Little Snooze

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Sleep Sound

Use calming white noise Sleep Sounds designed to support a healthy, deep sleep. Create your own environment by blending one or more soothing Sleep Sounds. Dim the lights and use natural sounds like birth, nature, world, and home devices.

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Visual Lullaby

Designed to calm the mood and add peace during or after restless or high stress situations. Visual Lullabies are developed to relax and sooth your mind, eyes, and body as you and your Little fall fast asleep.

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